Skipper Support Service
We can also come to your boat to do all the work, or stay with you until you get accustomed to the boat.
This is getting popular with Japanese and small Japanese group tours who wants to hire a boat but would like to have a little support, as we can offer guidance in Japanese language. 

Skipper support Service Prices :  Please contact us with your requirement. 

Our Emergency break down telephone service has been handy for Japanese people who hire a boat and are not familiar with boat facility and canal location.

You are always welcomed by a husband and wife team in English or Japanese. Both have MCA Boat Masters License, Atsuko has RYA Helmsman's License, and a Japanese boat operator's License too.
We can give you guidance and help you enjoy your narrow boating experience.
We can help you plan your cruise anything from 3 hours or whatever the length of time to suite your schedule around
 the Midland area.

English enquriy → Andy 07456 013454       Japanese enquiry → Atsuko 07899 998334